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The Butt is an area that is neglected.  It is not just isolated to gay and female pleasure only!  It is often touched,  but not considered an area of intense erotic pleasure.  It is full of nerve endings,  making it as good a pleasure area as the penis or vagina.  Look at what we have on offer for sensational anal play and pleasure

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  • Butt Plugs

    A Butt Plug is a simple yet amazing tool in your arsenal.  Use it to enhance your orgasms,  orgasmic plesure or as a training tool

  • Vibrators

    A bit of a contradiction!  Almost all vibrators can be used back there.  But there are some that is specifically designed for Back There pleasure!

  • Balls & Beads

    Whether it is a single,  a double or an entire string,  beads and balls add an extra level of sensation to anal pleasure. It gives you a Popping Sensation!

  • Massager

    Anal Massagers is such a nice way of exploring anal pleasures without intense and heavy thrusting - at least if you value sensory enjoyment over pounding pleasure

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Showing 1 - 12 of 54 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 54 items
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